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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project life

My hope is to share my project life pages here, I fell in love with project life before I knew what project life was. In 2011 I did a photo a day, known as project 365 and I did it all digitally and printed it in a shutterfly album at the end of the year. I love that book so much, but the one thing I felt was missing was the little momento’s from our day to day. Like homework, artwork, stars from the kids teachers etc that I know I will love in years to come and hope my kids will appreciate. So in 2012 I did becky higgens project life and I was completely overwhelmed. Going from a digi girl to paper I was lost and had no idea how to do anything. I quickly fell behind, and not a little bit behind. When the mill where my husband worked blew up and he lost his job I all but quit. I kept taking my photos and journaling every day in my ohlife email thing because I knew I wanted to catch up one day but the process overwhelmed me and I quickly got discouraged when I seen all these amazing layouts from all the amazing girls that do project life. I so wished I could scrap like them.
When Becky announced her joining with studio calico for a project life kit I felt finally this was my answer! Being from a small town in Canada, we don’t have a scrap store where I live. I can’t just go buy all these cute things so I could finally get these cute things and they were going to match and they were going to be sent to me. Awesome! I signed up that day. Now I am in the process of doing 2013 and catching up with 2012 and I really don’t feel overwhelmed. I have come to accept I am not going to be amazing and awesome but that’s okay. I am going to keep my family’s memories and that’s what matters.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful project life spread! I love the pictures you captured!